vr porn sites

Aight listen… you want to sneak away in your bathroom, basement, wherever the hell your wife or kids can’t find you while you do what you do with your Oculus headset or whatever one you have!

That time is valuable!! I get it! I am in the same boat! Hahaha

Or maybe you are single and can sit on the couch and whack it all day… <<< God Bless You!!

Here is my story:

I got my Oculus for Christmas and of course the first thing I wanted to do, as soon as the kids and wife went to sleep was check out PORN on it! WoW!

It really is amazing… be sure to clean that browser history too 😉 “Oculus quest 2 makes clearing your browser cache real easy!”

The thing is… I don’t have hours to sit around and search for the best VR Porn videos.

I know there are tons of sites out there, but I am here to just tell you what I am working with!

Its VRBANGERS… there I said it, but let me tell you why!

Sure I was able to search around most big sites, PornHub, XVideos, even the FREE versions on a lot of sites, but here is the deal guys…

You Get What You Pay For!

….and well I was paying nothing lol

With not much time, I want the best. The FREE stuff was grainy at best, and most were only a few minutes teaser.

So I found VRBANGERSto get the best quality you had to pay, so I was a bit hesitant, but hey I have my own PayPal account and they accept it, so bamm… ready to go!

All I can say is wow… full 40-60 minute videos… “I never need that long ;-)” and anywhere from 4k-8k quality and they pretty much have every popular porn star you can imagine even some of my favorites, Jessa Rhodes, Aletta Ocean, Nicole Aniston, Adriana Chechik, Kendra Lust…. so many more and I have had them all muahahahhaha

What is Porn In VR Like

  • If you have not experienced porn in VR then you are in for a treat. To be honest it was a little awkard at first because you really feel like you are there! Like they are staring right in your eyes and sometimes it even feels like they react off of you…. which they don’t, but hey it feels good! Ha!

The other thing is you can see some super high quality details… some you might not want to see to be honest. Let’s just say some have really bad skin, too much makeup, and other strange things on there bodies I won’t get into, but hey… who am I to complain!! I would pay literal money to be with pretty much anyone of this ladies! haha

I only have the oculus and have to say it is pretty smooth to operate the site, search for girls, play the videos, stop , rewind etc…. one thing to make sure is you set the quality to GREAT.. they always default to the lowest setting.

How Much Does VRBANGERS Cost?

Honestly it’s not bad at all. I signed up for like a $1 day trial and its $25 a month. Best $25 a month I spend.. I will tell ya that! Haha… they always have crazy deals. Right now there is a big Valentines day deal, and some other 50% off, but it changes a lot…. Just >>CLICK HERE<< and go to the site… usually the big offer is on the home page, if not click Join Now and it will have the latest deals.

Here is a quick screen shot of current promotions.



I mean guys listen…. it’s porn! It is not that hard to figure out! I have never really paid for porn, but for VR if you want the best there is you gotta pay for the high quality otherwise the grainyness just kills it! Well at least it does for me!